ASLS Bangkok 2024, International Conference by DEMIRE


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1st ASLS Bangkok 2024, International Conference by DEMIRE

Dear Colleagues, 

 The Asian Society of Laser Surgery (ASLS), formerly DEMIRE, is entering an exciting new phase in fostering academic and social connections among Asian leading practitioners. We’re now expanding our reach beyond Asia to embrace a global perspective. 

 Following the success of ASLS-HCM event in Vietnam this past June, we are thrilled to announce that our next ASLS congress will take place in Bangkok, Thailand, the leading country of aesthetic medicine. 

 Our mission at ASLS is to go beyond simply sharing knowledge, creating a supportive network of physicians where lasting friendships flourish. Additionally, we aim to highlight the exceptional and often underappreciated skills of Asian medical professionals. 

 After ASLS-BKK, we have a series of exciting conferences scheduled across the region: South Korea in September, Indonesia in October. ASLS in China and Japan will also be scheduled soon. Each will showcase the unique strengths and innovations of the host country. 

 Next year, we're expanding our footprint to include conferences in the United States and South America to offer even more enriching opportunities for ASLS. 

We warmly invite you to join us at all these events, and we extend our deepest gratitude to our dedicated ambassadors whose efforts have made this possible. 

Thank you! Warm regards, 

Dr. Gong Chan Rah

President of ASLS

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