ZOOM : Cancer Biology and the Role Of Enzymes and Phytochemicals.

23 Nov 2020 - 27 Nov 2020

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ZOOM WEBINAR : Cancer Biology and the Role Of Enzymes and
Phytochemicals : A Scientific View (การใช้เอ็นไซม์บำบัดกับโรคมะเร็ง)
★ Speaker : M. Mamadou, Ph.D.

★ Presentation: ZOOM WEBINAR
23 (Monday) and 27 (Friday) November 2020
7.30pm for Singapore and Manila
6.30pm for Bangkok and Jakarta

★Fees: $50.00 USD

The biology of cancer and enzyme-nutritional support:
The scientific evidence of the role of supplemental enzymes and
phytochemicals in cancer prevention and control.

★The objectives of this seminar are to:
☑ Review the biological characteristics of tumor cell
☑ Review the research on the effects of enzymes, phytochemicals,
and nutrients on cancer prevention and as adjuncts in cancer
☑ Discuss the specific dietary supplements products and
protocolsthat could be used to support the body in prevention as
well as treatment of cancer

The 2-part lecture will discuss some key points such as :
☑ Biological and biochemical Characteristics of cancer cell
☑ Key steps in cancer cell development and progression
☑ Concept of cancer stem cells and their impact on treatment and tumor persistence
☑ Main endogenous defense systems against cancer
☑ Roles and mechanisms of action of supplemental enzymes in controlling tumor development/growth
☑ Phytochemicals and their roles on cancer cells including cancer stem cells
☑ Phytomedic Labs and The Enzyme Company cancer strategy approach
☑ Phytomedic Labs and The Enzyme Company products to support fight against cancer
☑ Discussions and questions

Dr. M. Mamadou
Phytomedic Labs, Houston, TX

Dr. Mahamane Mamadou holds a B.S.c (University of Wisconson- Madison), M.Sc (University of Kentucky, Lexington), and Ph.D. (University of Cincinnati). His post-doctoral fellowship was in the Department of Pharmacology and Cell Biophysics working on developmental gene expression. Dr. Mamadou’s teaching and research activities have been in the areas of protein chemistry, enzymology, food sciences and technology, cell and molecular biology, environmental health, biomedical engineering, and biotechnology. He has taught and conducted research all over the world and has provided consulting and research services for various industries in product development, environmental toxicology, and functional foods as dietary supplements. Dr. Mamadou continues to be actively involved in health prevention research dealing with various nutritional disorders, degenerative diseases, and the identification of health risk biomarkers. He has been actively involved in enzyme-based formulations for over 20 years including his role as co-formulator for Transformation’s Professional Protocol™ product line. Dr. Mamadou serves as one of Transformation's key Advisory Board members and is also the author of Transformation Enzyme Corporation’s White Paper, Oral Enzymes: Facts and Concepts. He is currently President and CSO of Phytomedic Labs where his present research activities focus on isolating new phytochemicals and enzymes for health and wellness dietary supplements.

It is important to understand the molecular mechanisms of cancer in order to apply appropriate nutrition and phytochemicals to support the body and mount a therapeutic strategy to control the tumor growth.

Cancer is a very complex disease. Tumor cells develop various mechanisms of evading the immune system as well as therapeutic agents. However, more and more research is being done to show the roles that nutrition as well as phytochemicals can play in preventing tumor formation, inhibiting cancer evasion to treatment, and also controlling its growth.

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