28 Feb 2021 - 04 Apr 2021


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กำหนดการ: 19.00 – 22.00 น. ทุกวันอาทิตย์ 6 สัปดาห์ 3 ชั่วโมง / ครั้ง 
สถานที่: Zoom Conference 
วิทยากร: Ivan Roca นักบำบัดหลักและผู้ก่อตั้ง Biotherapy Asia 
ภาษา: ภาษาอังกฤษพร้อมการแปลภาษาไทย โดย Apiradee Wannawongsorn (Annie) 
ค่าลงทะเบียน: 23,175 บาท / เต็มคอร์ส (ลด 25% แล้ว) 

ใบรับรองหลักสูตร: รับรองโดย Biotherapy Asia (ฮ่องกง) 
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Module A is designed around the understanding of the relation between bioenergetics and medical pathology through a step-by-step process. This course starts from 28Feb - 4Apr 2021 (6weeks)

- Medical doctors
- Nurses
- Medical specialists
- Therapists, yoga instructors
- Sport personal trainers
Schedule: 7-10 PM, every Sunday of6 weeks, 3 hours/session
Venue: Zoom Conference
Lecturer: Ivan Roca, principal therapist & founder of Biotherapy Asia
Language: English
Investment: THB 30,900/full course

Course Content
Module A is designed around the understanding of the relation between bioenergetics and medical pathology through a step-by-step process.
· only for medical purposes
· combine theory, practice, Q&A
· practical medical therapeutic experience is welcomed
· medical knowledge isrecommended;to be curious and open-minded in natural sciences is necessary
· virtual hands-onexperience,how to apply and get measurable medical results

Course Values
✅ LEARN the Biotherapy's mechanism and its modern scientific facts
✅ KNOW-HOW to conduct the treatments for 70+ groups of the medicalcondition
✅ PRACTICE FROM HOME with full worldwide support by Q&A Forum and videos course recordings
✅ Earn a MODULE A CERTIFICATE after the participants fully complete a course and assessment
✅ Fullaccess toDIGITAL LIBRARY with 500+ books, science papers, and essays
✅ Attend 1:1 ZOOM SESSION with the therapist,Ivan Roca,after the course
✅ Get ready to SUPPORT your patients, family, and friends who are with medical conditions
✅ Become a MEMBER of International Biotherapy Asia Community
See what results Biotherapy Asia’sstudents are getting…

“I found Biotherapy very effective convenient for me to learn new method of therapy. Ivan, you’re very acknowledgeable and can make it very easy to understand all the concepts, can prove it scientifically. This therapy will help a lot in my work to complement the health and wellbeing of the patients.
Dr. Wittawat Sithiwatcharapong (Thailand)

“Module A helped me answer all questions that I have lingered on wondering for long time. The explanation was concrete, obvious, and scientifically based which strengthened from the background of the immune system and bioenergy mechanism for variety of diseases.
Trong Banh (Vietnam), Management Trainee of Unilever, Module A & B Practitioner

“Before the course, I always thought that “Biotherapy was so voodoo.” Ivan, you demystified many of the concepts related to Biotherapy based on the medical facts so I’m really intrigued with that.
Uyange Thugsbaatar Ph.D. (Mongolia), Module A Practitioner

“To learn the technology was really simple but to go really into the depth of yourself and grow in that way and to realize that there is so much change that can be done in terms of yourself and knowing yourself. The training really emphasized what I felt when I went through the actual therapy work which was a real shift in terms of my outlook and the direction I wanted to go in life.
Eliott Wolfe, M.Ed. (USA),Certified Biotherapy Practitioner

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